Purpose and goals

We want to have equal opportunities in the processes of making policy, designing measures, and implementing systemic solutions in deinstitutionalisation that must keep track of DI processes.

* We will contribute interactively and complementarily to the formation of quality public policies with sustainable disposition and innovative services. We will consolidate solutions, knowledge, and experience, and increase our training and role in society.

*The main goal of MDI is to unite NGOs that work on DI, to improve their position in DI processes, their resources, and knowledge, and to increase their role and influence on the development of DI!

*Together we shall be stronger in our common cause against discrimination and inequality! The diversity of our organisations, users, and experiences will lead to the formation of high-quality community-based services that will satisfy the needs of the broadest possible spectrum of users (those with physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental health issues or disabilities).

* The MDI project attempts to provide answers to the challenge of DI and open new possibilities for development and community-based services!

We wish to contribute to the better operation of NGOs and improved conditions for operations, and thus to the more successful and more effective provision of community-based services, their transfer to NGOs, as well as the implementation of DI! Above all, we will use our united strength to prevent institutional practices and work methods from invading into community-based services.

* We want people with disabilities to be well-integrated in everyday life, to enjoy equal opportunities, and to end the years and years of discrimination!