Advocacy and civil dialogue

  1. Preparation of proposals and recommendations for legislative changes
  2. Preparation of proposals and recommendations for the further development of existing programmes that facilitate DI
  3. Preparation of a proposal for the establishment of a national intersectoral DI group
  4. Campaign for the implementation of proposed changes
  5. Table an initiative for a new professional qualification called Personal Assistant;

Supporting NGOs

  1. Informing NGOs about DI
  2. Mentorship and support of NGOs
  3. Professional training for NGOs

Advancement of the role of the thematic NGO network

  1. Encouragement of networking among NGOs that advocate for DI and that already provide community-based services as an alternative to institutional care, with the purpose of increasing the strength of the NGO sector
  2. Analysis
  3. Design and promotion of NGO principles that implement community-based and DI-enabled services
  4. Preparation of a strategy for developing the NGO network in the field of DI

Establishing connections with the media, economy, public administration, and broader public

  1. Promotion of analysis results (research)
  2. Promotion of proposals for improving the status quo (transition to community-based services) and formation of strategic alliances
  3. Conference on DI

Informing the Public about the Project