At MDI we shall

* consolidate non-governmental organisations that deal with DI or provide community-based services for physical, sensory, intellectual, or mental health issues and disabilities and need help ­– support services for independent and full life in the community;

* prepare an analysis of the situation to establish the potential of NGOs for new services and at the same time to facilitate the transfer of public services in the field of social welfare to these NGOs (DI process).

* design a strategy for the development of an NGO network for DI;

* design, in cooperation with all its members, a strategy and process of deinstitutionalization tailored to its user and non-governmental organisations;

* prepare initiatives for legislative changes and financial earmarks for the development of community-based services;

* improve knowledge of non-governmental organisations working on deinstitutionalisation;

* provide assistance to non-governmental organisations in introducing and implementing support services for independent living and equal rights living of disabled persons.